In de Nesten – jeugdtheater Stella den Haag – 2007



A magical show featuring Mussorgsky’s famous and evocative music from ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’, for everyone aged six and up!

Past tense, Sparrow, for now we are bewitched, turned into birds, me into a crow, my eldest sister Fabiola into a raven and you into a sparrow, all because you couldn’t stop yourself from drawing a pixie onto the wallpaper.

Three birds are seated each on their own nest, high above the stage. A raven, a crow, and a sparrow. Once they were princesses, but now they have been turned into birds. They’ve got nesting problems, it is safe to say. How did this happen? They will tell you themselves in this bewitching performance. And the fact that each bird is known by its note, well that’s only natural, isn’t it… poor Sparrow.